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1- Who needs a splint and why

Case presentations on the multiple different situations you'll find in your patient's mouth that require a proper protective night guard.

2- TMJ issues in orthodontics

TMJ's have growth defects and degenerative issues even in teenagers and young adults and those are mainly the ortho years.

A Comprehensive Dental Course by Dr. Alain Aubé Embark on a Journey to Dental Mastery

Join the ranks of over 3,000 dentists and 5,000 dental hygienists who have enhanced their skills and patient care with our training. Led by the esteemed Dr. Alain Aubé, "Starting With The Basics" is not just a course—it's a transformative learning experience designed to elevate your practice and impact on patient lives.

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Start your journey with a general introduction by Dr. Alain Aubé (04:40), setting the stage for your learning experience.

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Course 1 Breakdown

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Course 1

Making better splints

Everything you need to know about splints. Upper, lower, hard, soft, flat plane, ramp, who needs a splint and why in all circumstances.
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Course 2

The bite

Principles of occlusion. Why and when bites needs to be adjusted. How to adjust your restorations for better comfort and longevity.
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Course 3

MRI and TMJ pathologies

The TMJ, like other joints, suffers from growth defects and degeneration. Delving deep into its significance after courses 1 and 2 may surprise you!

Dr. Alain Aubé

Dr. Alain Aubé was awarded the title of "Professional of the Year in Dentistry" by the Worldwide Who's Who in recognition of his outstanding professional and academic achievements, leadership, years of service, tenacity, and determination to advance dentistry.

Dr Alain Aube

Dr. Aubé was awarded “Professional of the Year in Dentistry” by the Worldwide Who's Who for professional and academic achievement, for his leadership, years of service, tenacity and determination to advance dentistry.
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Why choose our course?

Our course includes video interactions, note-taking, interactive materials, self-assessment, certificates, and more.

Why choose our Course?

Video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.


We offer high-quality and accessible online education. Dr. Aubé teaches in a way that simplifies complex concepts, making them easy to understand.


The entire ICO team is dedicated to listening to you and taking your learning seriously. Our promise is to provide you with training that exceeds your expectations.


Dr. Aubé has over 20 years of experience in the field of TMJ and occlusion, and has established an excellent reputation as both a clinician and teacher over the past decade.

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